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Friendship Patrol 01 by AphexAngel Friendship Patrol 01 by AphexAngel
Print for Dallas Nightmare Night. I'm probably going to drop the background glitch effect and create a T-shirt design with it as well. We shall seeeee.
Also not so sure about that glitch effect to begin with. Think it's a bit too heavy, might brighten it up a bit.
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Despite the few misgivings you yourself commented on, I think this is a good piece so far, Aphex. The detail on all the security cameras, microphones, and other equipment set around Scootaloo is impressive, with the subtle variations helping to keep things interesting, although perhaps a little more variety in the type of equipment could help things. The wires draped around her neck and shoulders makes an almost noose-like image, giving the piece a somewhat dark undertone. I think the glitch design in the background is a bit typical, but still effective as it serves to balance out the foreground design's strong vertical emphasis with its own horizontal emphasis. Perhaps the colors used could be changed to fit better with that "dark undertone" mentioned previously. Even if you do make some changes to it, I'd say it's still something that benefits the piece overall.
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Vampoodle Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2014
love this, but the way its slightly off center messes with me
Psidude Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hi Aphex. Ever thought about doing a game or animation about Stalkerloo? I'm currently sculpting Scootaloo out of clay. I'm also experimenting with blender and would like to make a poseable 3d model of her. Should i show you my progress with that? Oh, and a happy new year to you.
AphexAngel Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Absolutely!  I'd just have to find the time to work out the coding and other models as well.  Happy new year to you, too!
Freefox Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2013
"We know what you did, and we know that you like it"
d3pthcharge12 Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2013
I think the glitch effect is fine, but it seems vaguely distracting near the edges of the glitch, e.g. the islands of dark blue against that white background near the four corners of the composition seems an unpleasant contrast. Maybe either break up the larger islands or do a fade effect. However, that might also unduly centralize the composition, thereby creating a stagnant design. Then again, it is pretty centralized already. Really, I'd experiment with breaking up the glitch into smaller particles near the edges so it looks more like a spray or experimenting with fade effects so it gradually blends into the white background and see whether the overall composition is helped or hindered by it.

Another option might be to design the glitch to form a more implied geometric shape, playing around with negative space. Since you have a very angular design, you could try a sort of F-16 wing effect or just overall angular spread wing design to make better use of the horizontal space.

My main concern is you have all this canvas that you're not using, and if you're committed to doing what effectively amounts to a horizontal bar, I think it seems like a waste.
AphexAngel Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Got it.  Will redesign.  :)
Nomad55 Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
This is very cool :)
I do agree that the colors in the back are a little too dark, but at the very least, you've got a stellar emblem design. The glitch effect, I think, adds to the picture, but the Stalkerloo emblem is stands well on its own sufficiently. It's really your call. Both options are viable, but it's up to you to go with the one you prefer.

Also, long time. Again.
HowlsInTheDistance Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Nice work. I think the glitch effect is perfect.
Jack-13 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2013
lol, Awesome Piece.
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July 19, 2013
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