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May 3, 2010
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Bone Queen by AphexAngel Bone Queen by AphexAngel
Bone Queen
Type: Aberration
Physical Threat: W+
Supernatural Threat: N+
Disposition: Non-combatant, will self-defend
Abilities: Bone spur (1), claws (1), Regeneration (2)
Enhanced Abilities: Foresight (C), Soul Steal (D), Summon Skeleton (D), Symbology (low level) (C)
Appearance: Humanoid with spine-like protrusions of bone coming from the skin, in most cases forming a type of "crown," from which they get their names. Their hands are also large in comparison to a regular human's, partly because of denser bone tissue. The sclera of their eyes are generally either a black or dark grey, and their irises bioluminesce red.
MO: Bone Queens generally keep to themselves, usually as far away from civilization as possible due to their appearance and related folklore. Generally defensive, once trust is earned, they are the very definition of hospitable, usually eager for human interaction they've missed from the time that they were afflicted with their condition.
Urban Legends: Bone witches are sought out for their ability of foresight, for which most assume they require small bones to toss to divine with, although this is a fallacy, and they are not required.
Bone Witches are also rumored to steal the souls of those who visit them in exchange for knowledge of the future, and it is said that each bone witch collects these souls that she may build an army of skeletons. These rumors are largely false, but may be cultivated by a Bone Queen in order to keep people away, as they are sensitive about reactions to their appearances.

History : Bone Queens were the result of failed experiments targeting increasing bone density and giving regenerative abilities to soldiers during the beginning of the Golden Age of Genetic Engineering. While reprogramming genes to replace standard collagen forms in the bones with Dentene and enamel, like teeth, problems arose when detaching gene p21 from p52, the regenerative gene and the gene which helps mitigate cancerous growth, and as a result, the skeletal modifications became cancerous and forced their way through the skin of test subjects. After heavy research, a method of controlling cell apoptosis in bone growth was discovered and implemented int he subjects to mitigate subject deaths. At the same time, a Genegineer though it would be "funny" to change the color of the subjects' eyes in order to reflect their monstrous appearances. A strange side-effect of this change, coupled with the other changes to the subjects, was a marked increase in precognition across the board.
Most escaped during the Civil War brought forth when genegineered sentients were denied civil rights after a long legal battle with the United Earth Republic, and propagated their genes into the gene pool when possible.
The genes causing severe bone growth were determined to be recessive, and there is a possibility for any child born to become one at puberty, if proper environmental stressors are present or both parents are carriers.

Addendum : Their regenerative powers are impressive. Wounds close within days, and limbs will regenerate if severed within three weeks to one month.

The gene responsible for creating Bone Queens is carried on the X chromosome, thus the vast majority are female, which is actually a bit of a blessing. Two carriers of the gene can reproduce and create a male version of the Bone Queen, but there are problems with genes p21 and p52, and things go awry on the regeneration side. Inundated with pain by wounds that never completely heal, nerves that never reconnect or stop transmitting (problem with adrenal gland and endorphin trigger in the brain), the afflicted males generally go mad. These will be covered in more depth later. See: Tommy Rawhead or Bloody Bones. Link to follow.


0 = Baseline. Equivalent to a mundane skill in utility. (E.G. slippery skin, athlete's durability without training, ability to exude silk.)
1 = Unusual. Provides an advantage in select situations. (E.G. skin strong as a bulletproof vest, ability to bench press half a ton, ability to eat unusual substances for nutrition, immunity to high or low temperatures.)
2 = Exceptional. Provides an advantage in many situations. Combat abilities at 2 or higher are equivalent with military weaponry in strength. (E.G. skin strong against small arms fire, ability to throw fireballs, ability to create water and food, ability to ignore all ambient temperature.)
3 = Extraordinary. Highly desirable or incredibly strong ability. Combat abilities at 3 or higher equivalent with experimental weaponry in strength. (E.G. skin strong enough to resist heavy weapons, ability to disintegrate human-sized chunks of matter, ability to turn steel to lead, "counterspell" abilities.)
4 = Mighty. Exceptionally difficult to match with mundane weaponry or skills. (E.G. skin strong enough to resist bombardment, ability to disintegrate buildings, ability to turn lead to gold, ability to possess or otherwise influence others' minds.)
5 = Cosmic. Exceptionally difficult to match with other supernatural weaponry or skills. (E.G. complete invulnerability to physical weaponry, ability to induce natural disasters, ability to commune with unnatural powers beyond human understanding, ability to transmute matter to energy and back.)

A creature has even odds of success against its own threat rating. It is likely to succeed against threats one lower. It is extremely likely to succeed against threats two or lower. It is essentially unstoppable against threats three or lower. This is of course highly subjective, but it is useful as a rule of thumb.

N: Null. No significant threat.
B: Baseline. As dangerous as an untrained human.
W: Wild. As dangerous as a wild animal.
T: Trained. As dangerous as a trained combatant.
E: Elite. As dangerous as an elite combatant.
EE: Enhanced Elite. As dangerous as an enhanced elite combatant.
EEG: Enhanced Elite Group. As dangerous as a group of enhanced elites.
+: Higher-threat individuals frequent enough to be noteworthy. (e.g. T+)
++: Higher-threat individuals form significant numbers, but not enough to signify a general increase in threat from a particular creature. (e.g. E++)

To: Town. Able to threaten towns with little personal risk.
Ci: City. Able to threaten cities with little personal risk.
LoC: Local civilization. Able to threaten governments with little personal risk.
Civ: Civilization. Able to threaten all human civilization with little personal risk.
P: Planetary. Able to threaten the Earth with little personal risk.
E: Eschatonic. Able to threaten the known universe with little personal risk.

Thanks to :iconkriegsaffeno9: for the template!
Done while listening to Mutiny Within's first album (came out in March!)
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LunarNightmare Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Im working on a bone human currently.... any advice on drawing bone?
AphexAngel Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I'd suggest pulling up references as much as possible.  Look at photos of human skeletons and other animal skeletons to see how bone formations look.  Additionally, keep in mind that bones are not pure white - nothing is in nature.  
Photos will be the best reference you can get.  
Also remember to keep the texture in mind as well - you will not get high speculars on the bone (very shiny look) unless it's wet.  Bone is microporous.
LunarNightmare Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much :) I really appreciate it. I also love this piece and the idea behind it, always love to see background story :) Great job and thanks again
lordhadrian Featured By Owner May 23, 2013
Very cool :)
DyingMan75 Featured By Owner May 14, 2012
cute,but creepy also.
D33rp0under Featured By Owner May 25, 2011
thats just beautiful and if i might ask wheres the link for bloody bones?
AphexAngel Featured By Owner May 26, 2011  Student Digital Artist
I haven't gotten around to finishing him yet. It'll take a while, I've got a lot of projects going atm.
D33rp0under Featured By Owner May 26, 2011
thats cool let me know when hes finished!!!
AnonDesu Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2011  Professional Writer
Witch! Flashlights off!
Red-Rum-18 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2010  Student General Artist
Nightshade475 favored this. Is he just studying the bone structure, or is he gonna make a female version of DOOMDSAY? [link]
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